Apple Premium Resellers

iSpot Holdings

iSpot encompasses more than 50 Apple Premium Resellers in Poland and Hungary. In Poland, iSpot and Cortland, a combined business, is the country’s largest Apple retailer with a network of 47 stunning Apple Premium Resellers and service points across major Polish cities. The company’s locations offer an unmatched portfolio of Apple and third-party products, as well as top-notch retail and B2B customer service. It is also set to become Poland’s number one Authorised Service Provider. iSpot and Cortland meet Apple’s strict Premium Reseller requirements, and have been recognised by Apple for providing top level customer care in relation to solutions, service, and support from Apple. The business also operates four Apple Premium Resellers in Hungary under the iCentre brand.


iCentre is a brand of Apple Premium Resellers located in Budapest. iCentre follows Apple’s blueprint for Premium Resellers to reach Apple-approved standards for store service levels, and customer support. It engages customer services professionals, trained to gain a deep knowledge of the Apple brand and every Apple product.



In business since 1946, PTL has provided IT solutions since 1981 and now reaches out to customers with a vast portfolio of ICT and security solutions. PTL partners major names like IBM, Cisco, Prospero, Red Hat, and Lenovo. Across its international functions, PTL has a team of more than 100 dynamic professionals, experts in businesss integration, enterprise-wide solutions and contracted outsourcing. PTL’s multi-disciplinary team services a prestigious client base in Malta.


APCO Limited is Malta’s leader in automation products and payment solutions. Its major clients include local and international banking organisations, retail operations and internet merchants. APCO enjoys the expertise of more than a dozen professionals, with a highly specialized skills set, and reaches out to the US and South America, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, and the Far East. APCO’s structure has two key divisions. APCO Ltd is engaged in equipment sales, maintenance and other services, and provisioning of payment gateway services. APCO Systems Ltd is involved in software development, operational support, and an internal data centre operation. APCO is the go-to provider of payment solutions, offering systems with payment processing for debit, credit cards and other payment platforms, including processing for mail and telephone order. Its hardware and automation solutions offering features ATMs, 24-hour deposit machines, 24-hour currency exchanges, EPOS terminals, plastic cards, and cash-handling equipment.


ApcoPay, a brand operated by Apco Systems, is a payment gateway solution that consolidates all payment systems into one simple transaction processing platform allowing merchants to trade internationally 24/7. It is equipped with state of the art, customisable, security and fraud prevention tools along with advanced payment management functionalities. It is simple and straightforward to connect to ApcoPay – quick and easy integration, possible even within one day, PCI-DSS compliant, 3D secure and supporting over 100 currencies and suitable in any business for any industry.