Philip Toledo rebrands to PTL

Malta: Philip Toledo Limited has rebranded to PTL as part of a strategy to upgrade its corporate image and enhance its service offering and delivery levels. The company will now be known by its acronym PTL.

The underlying theme for the new brand identity is PTL’s forward-looking corporate mindset. This is represented by the curviness of the artworks and an arrow symbol. The stylised arrow accentuates PTL’s drive to offer more value to its clients – technological solutions which are demanded today carry a business into tomorrow, hence the new brand promise ‘Today for Tomorrow’.

This rebranding follows the acquisition of PTL by Hili Company, the operations division of Hili Ventures, in 2012. Chief executive Kenneth Spiteri, who was appointed soon after the acquisition, immediately spearheaded an internal reorganisation to maximise resources and improve efficiencies and agility. The result has been a flat corporate structure geared towards rapid delivery and enhanced client centricity.

“We have chosen to be known as PTL because our stakeholders have always known us by the acronym. This company has a rich legacy as an IT and security solutions market leader, which it continues to build upon year on year,” Mr Spiteri said.

“PTL has made great strides over the past few months to prepare itself for greater challenges. We are consistently seeking growth in our current markets and in new regions. In tandem with our growth efforts, PTL is constantly identifying ways to add more value to clients. We already partner major names in the business-to-business IT industry. We will continue to add value by creating new alliances with partners which complement our portfolio to give clients total solutions.”

Meanwhile, PTL has moved from its premises in Mriehel to Nineteen Twenty Three, Hili Ventures’ head office in Marsa. PTL’s 80-plus Malta team now occupies a sprawling new open plan workspace which reflects its flat corporate structure. PTL’s professionals now enjoy a modern workspace, designed to enhance communication and team dynamics.